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Rules Pertaining to T-Ball


Only those girls properly registered with the Frankfort, Mokena, Monee, Tinley Park and Orland Hills Girls Softball Programs will be eligible to participate in association activities and game play.  All fees must be paid and a completed registration form must be on file.  Any team using a player who is not registered with their town or a player that is registered, rostered and plays on a Full Time Travel League will automatically forfeit the game in which the action occurred.
OBJECTIVE:  The objective of the T-Ball League is to provide a non-competitive, instructional situation for players. Emphasis should be placed on the fundamentals of throwing (proper grip and footwork), fielding, and hitting. After these fundamentals are introduced, a general understanding of the game may be taught. The rules of the game generally follow those of the American Softball Association. Exceptions and points of emphasis follow.
Softie (10")
Jewelry is prohibited. Medical alert bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry, but if worn, they must be taped to the body so as to remain visible. (Excerpt from National Federation Rules.)
Shirts provided by league must be worn and be tucked in. Hats provided by the league are optional. Visor and headbands, white or the same color as the shirt may also be worn. Helmets shall be worn by all offensive players that are in the field of play as well as the on deck batter. Chin straps shall be fastened in a manner to prevent the helmet from falling off a players head while running.
This will be considered an instructional league; therefore no score is kept during the first half of the season. After the half way point in the season, score may be kept at the discretion of the coaches. Team standings will not be maintained. Emphasis must remain on the instructional aspects of the program.
For the first five (5) games of the year, the batting tee will be used. For the remaining games, coaches will pitch to their own team. The pitching distance will be 25 feet. Balls and strikes will not be called. Therefore, there will be no strike-outs or walks. Each batter will be given six (6) pitches to put the ball in play. After six pitches, a batting tee will be used to put the ball in play. A ball is playable if it is hit fair 15 feet beyond home plate.
The intent of the game will be to put the ball into play, encouraging offensive, defensive, and base running skills. Hitters and runners may advance as far as possible on each hit. Base runners may advance one base on overthrows. After a batter has reached base or been put out, the play becomes dead with the ball is in the pitcher's hands on the pitching mound (within approximately ten (10) feet of the center of the infield). Runners may continue, at risk, to the base they were going to when the ball was thrown to the pitcher, but no further. If the play has stopped (runners have stopped attempting to advance) and an overthrow to the pitcher occurs, it is not considered an overthrown ball and runners may not advance. There are no leadoffs, sliding or stealing. All batters and runners must wear helmets with chin straps. Each inning will conclude after each player on the team has batted.  

To familiarize the players with the game itself, coaches are encouraged to utilize a normal infield line-up while placing extra players in the outfield so that all available players are always on the field during defensive sequences. In the spirit of instructional play, coaches should give each player an opportunity to play at each position during the course of the season.
45 feet.
 The length of each game shall not exceed four (4) innings. Coaches may decide to shorten the length due to time considerations or darkness to ensure the safety of the participants. No inning shall begin once the game has exceeded 75 minutes.

SEVERE WEATHER:                   
FGS has the responsibility to the players, coaches and parents to safeguard them from severe weather during a game. In the event of severe weather (severe weather is deemed as such; weather that may cause harm and danger to a player, parent or coach, such as high winds, hail, heavy rain or lighting visible.) If visible lighting is present all players shall be moved to an area such as an enclosed lighting facility, or to the vehicles of the parents. Players shall not be allowed to return to the field until fifteen minutes from the lighting strike. Should a second lighting strike occur within the first fifteen minute time the time (15 minutes) restarts from the second strike. If during this period a third strike occurs and the forecast is not improving the coach from the home team shall notify the visiting coach and umpire (if available) that the game is called. If at any time the home coach indicates that the weather is playable and the opposing coach or umpire disagree the game shall be called. Safety of the player comes first.   If at any time a coach feels that another coach is putting risk of harm to the players, parent or coaches that coach should notify the President of FGS to file a complaint. FGS and its coach’s are responsible for the safety of its players.


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